Do you have a question about keto coaching? Look no further!

For whom is keto coaching intended?

My keto coaching services are suitable for all adults wishing to start or restart a keto lifestyle. People who choose 1-on-1 coaching do so because they want to be ensured of the correct information and a holistic approach. I am also specialized in keto coaching for women going through (peri) menopause and in stress management.

What can I expect when I book a coaching package?

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Is keto coaching suitable if I have medical issues?

Keto coaching is not intended as a treatment or prevention of illness. It is also not meant to be a replacement of medical treatment or as an alternative for medical advice. This is why I do not give medical advice in any way. I am however always prepared to provide my opinion as a keto coach on medical issues but any decisions based on these opinions are at your own risk. I always advise to let your own dr know you are starting a keto lifestyle. Your dr can always contact me if he or she has any questions.

Do you also coach children?

I do not coach children, only adults. The keto lifestyle is perfectly fine for children to follow along with their parents though but they do not need to follow personal macros and their intake of carbohydrates generally speaking can be higher while still maintaining ketosis.

Are there possibilities for duo coaching?

All keto coaching packages are based on 1-on-1 coaching for adults: the intake, coach calls and daily support are always personal. It is however possible in some cases to adjust package contents in order to provide for partner support.

What does keto coaching cost?

All rates and contents of the various packages can be found here. Separate coach calls and WhatsApp coaching (only as an addition to a coaching package) are also available.

Is it possible to get a different type of package?

The coaching packages on offer correspond to most of my clients’ wishes and goals. Some clients however prefer a different type of package: longer or shorter in duration, more or fewer sessions, and so on. Because the packages are made up of blocks, a custom package is also a possibility. You can always contact me to discuss your options

Do you have an office or practice in Utrecht?

I do not have a physical office. My coachees come from all over the world and are spread out in the Netherlands as well. This makes travel to a location in Utrecht not possible for the vast majority of my coachees. Video calls however make it possible to provide personal interaction during an intake or a coach call. All daily support takes place through Whatsapp, email or Messenger.

Is your practice certified?

Yes, I am holding four Nutrition Network certificates:

  • Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment
  • LCHF in Clinical Practice Online Training
  • Diabetes Reversal
  • Obesity: Risk & Reversal

Nutrition Network is the educational platform founded by the Noakes Foundation. You can find my listing here.

I am also holding the PIM certificate Treating metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and obesity with therapeutic carbohydrate restriction.

My other listings include:

Do I need to take notes during a call?

Taking notes is not necessary, you can of course if you want to but after each intake or coach call you will receive a follow-up email with all the topics we discussed and additional information where needed.

Do you provide meal plans?

I do not provide meal plans. A proper keto meal plan needs to meet several requirements: personal macros, budget, taste, intolerances, allergies, cultural background and so much more. This takes a lot of time and the cost of keto coaching would be much higher. I rather prefer to keep my coaching services as accessible as possible.

In practice it is also very important for the succes of this lifestyle to learn how to do the planning yourself: it provides insight into your own macros, teaches you to listen closely to what your body needs and gives self-confidence. I do provide all the support when needed: thinking along with your meal planning is part of the daily support.

I am not sure yet if keto coaching is right for me, can I ask some questions first?

Absolutely, any questions you have I am happy to answer. You can get in touch with me at any time through the contact form: