Free: insulin resistance symptoms check

What is insulin resistance?

The most important role of insulin in the body is to lower your blood sugar: every time you eat, your body produces insulin and this sends a signal to the cells that they need to absorb the incoming glucose. If your diet consists of excessive carbohydrates at too many times per day, more and more insulin needs to be released.

At a certain point the cells become less sensitive to insulin, which makes it impossible to regulate the glucose in the blood. This insulin resistance is the pre-stage of type 2 diabetes, causes a multitude of other serious medical conditions and builds up over many years. The insulin resistance symptoms check and your WHtR (waist to height ratio) combined give a good insight into your level of insulin resistance.

How do I calculate my WHtR?
  • make sure you stand up straight in front of a mirror
  • measure your waist with a tape measure on bare skin just between the lowest rib and the top of your pelvic bone, this is on or just below the belly button.
  • don’t pull the tape measure too tight and make sure it runs straight
  • now divide your waist circumference (in centimetres) by your height (in centimetres) and round off the result to 2 decimal places, this is your WHtR

What does my WHtR mean?

Healthy weight | no risk< 0.49< 0.53
Overweight | increased risk0.49 – 0.530.53 – 0.57
Very overweight | high risk0.54 – 0.570.58 – 0.62
Morbidly obese | very high risk> 0.58> 0.63

Is this all I need to know?

No, your WHtR alone does not tell you everything: an insulin resistance symptoms check provides more clarity. Fill it out the form below and I will send you the insulin resistance symptoms check. Once you have send it back I will contact you within 2 working days to discuss your results and present you with a plan of action.