Healthy oils and fats

As keto entails consuming more fats it is vital to know which fats are healthy for you and which ones are not. The following rules are a good guideline for choosing the right oils and fats:

  • For high heat cooking use oils and fats high in saturated fats: (pure pastured) lard, ghee, butter, (grass fed) beef tallow, coconut oil, cacao butter and sustainable red palm oil. With regard to coconut oil I recommend using the extra virgin variety. Pure MCT oil is also a good choice.
  • For light cooking such as sauteing of vegetables it is best to use mono-unsaturated fats such as extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil or macadamia nut oil, you can also use these cold.
  • Oils and fats that are high in poly-unsaturated fats are only suitable for salads or other cold uses. These are mainly the nut- and seed oils: walnut, almond, hazelnut, linseed and pumpkin seed.
  • Increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, mainly from animal sources, and avoid using too many oils high in omega-6 fatty acids, such as sesame oil or almond oil.
  • Never use: margarine or oils made of sunflower, rapeseed/canola, soy, safflower, cottonseed and grapeseed. These fats and oils are processed and/or genetically modified or have a very unhealthy omega-3 to omega-6 ratio.