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The ins and outs of the keto stall

‘Help, I am in a stall!’ I think I hear this at least ten times per day and the urgency with which it is said is very indicative of people not really understanding how weight-loss actually works. So here are my tips on how to deal with a keto stall. A true stall is when you have not lost weight AND inches for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. What is important to keep in mind is that weight loss really never is linear and stalls of weeks and months do happen. Biochemical-individuality, possible food sensitivities and hormones play important roles in this. Each case is a case though and specifically, comparing to others is never of any use and can be very dispiriting. 
Also keep in mind that the number on the scale is not the only way to see change: actual measurements or fit of clothes are far more reliable ways to keep an eye on your progress. Now, a stall as described above does happen and I fully understand it can be frustrating. …