How much is your health worth?

Sevi Rutgrink – Keto Coaching

How much is your health worth?

I often get approached on social media by people who want to ask me a question about the keto lifestyle. It is great that they have found me and that is why I am always happy to answer.

It also regularly results in even more questions. Especially questions about how they can apply keto to improve their own health. And then it quickly becomes clear that these people actually need something more than just an answer to a question: personal coaching. But the cost of this then suddenly appears to be something of a stumbling block.

The reality

But should the actual cost of keto coaching really be such an issue? Because this is what I hear:

‘I understand all too well well that the cost of keto coaching has to fit into your budget, but what do you spend per month on your hairdresser?’

Approximately €100, but that includes colouring’.

And do you ever go to the beauty salon, how much does that cost?

Also every month, I think about €65, depending on the treatment.

And do you happen to have a subscription to the gym?

Yes but that only costs €20 per month.

So all in all you spend almost €200 per month on your looks and sports. But to what extent do these things help you resolve your real issues: the bad health you mentioned earlier for example? And has it helped you lose weight?

The answer is always ‘It does not help’.

Always keep your personal health goals in mind

A nice haircut, a lovely massage and weekly exercise, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And we tend to spend quite a bit of money on it. But for some reason when it comes to real health improvement our budgets do not stretch enough.

Personal daily coaching gives you all the tools and information you need to work on permanent weight loss and optimal health.

So ask yourself what matters: those recurring monthly costs for things that do not help you achieve your goal? Or a good investment in your health?