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Can keto cure your gout?

What is gout?

Gout is a very painful inflammation in a joint, usually in the big toe but sometimes also in the middle of the foot or in the ankle, knee and wrist. This particular type of inflammation is caused by the presence of uric acid crystals in the joint. An attack occurs very suddenly and usually lasts 1 to 3 weeks. Attacks can continue to recur.

Good to know:

  • uric acid crystals can also form kidney stones
  • people with gout have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • it is more common in some families
  • it is more common in middle-aged men
  • high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and impaired kidney function are more common in people who suffer from gout attacks

Does animal protein cause gout?

In the past animal protein consumption was blamed for causing gout, but there is no proof of that. Animal proteins do contain certain substances, purines, which are broken down into uric acid. But we now also know that these purines do not increase the uric acid in the blood: the kidneys excrete this uric acid, so that it does not end up in the blood and therefore cannot cause an attack of gout.

So what actually causes it?

Sugar consumption is the main risk factor for contracting gout. It is therefore more common in people with insulin resistance: your body is no longer able to process carbohydrates. And with insulin resistance, your risk of atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and diabetes 2 is also much higher. The uric acid crystals that cause gout in your joints can also form kidney stones.

Good to know:
By switching to a ketogenic lifestyle you can reverse your insulin resistance.

What about alcohol?

Your doctor may say the opposite, but alcohol does play a role in the onset of gout attacks. Alcohol increases the concentration of uric acid. As a result, your kidneys are slower at excreting it.

And if I take certain medications?

High blood pressure is more common in people who have gout. Someone with high blood pressure is often prescribed a diuretic. Certain types of diuretics increase the risk of a gout attack. If this is the case for you, I recommend that you consult your doctor to see if you can be prescribed another type of diuretic

Good to know:
Most people can stop taking diuretics soon after starting keto. A ketogenic diet normalises blood pressure.

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So how do I stop my gout attacks?

In order to get rid of gout, you need to tackle your insulin resistance. And you do this by starting a ketogenic lifestyle. The carbohydrate restriction lowers the insulin in your blood. You will therefore produce less uric acid and your kidneys are also better able to excrete this uric acid.

Good to know:
Sometimes it happens that the gout increases in intensity after starting keto. This is temporary: your body goes to great lengths to clean up the old crystals that are still present.

I would like to start with keto, how do I do this?

If you want to make sure that you are taking all the right steps to help cure your gout keto coaching is the best option for you. Use the button below to learn more about my services.