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I don’t like cooking!

Not everyone is fond of cooking, keto or otherwise, and so I get a lot of questions along the lines  of ‘How can I make things easier on myself?’.

I understand completely: some people may find it very relaxing to spend time in the kitchen but others rather relax in a different way. Time can also be an issue: long workdays, family life and activities planned in the evenings such as exercise or studying leave little time to spend in the kitchen.

So here are my quick tips for those of you on a keto lifestyle looking to avoid too much cooking:

  • keep your meals really simple and skip elaborate recipes that take time and loads of ingredients: a simple protein source (meat, fish or poultry), plenty of vegetables and added healthy fats and you are good to go;
  • maybe batch cooking is for you: yes, you will need go grocery shopping for a whole week AND spend a good chunk of time on one day of the week to prepare it all but if it saves you from the annoyance of cooking daily it might be worth it;
  • make sure you have a list of simple go-to or favourite meals that you can eat on rotation, this saves you time in having to come up with meals every single day;
  • stock up on essentials so you have proper keto foods to eat on those days when cooking is really something you can not bear: having nothing in the house on those days may lead you to derail and cheat.

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