Sevi Rutgrink – Keto Coaching

Mariëtte | 36 | Bergen op Zoom

Edit: translated from Dutch

I hesitated for a bit if I wanted to share my story here, but in the end I decided I wanted to pass on how Sevi has helped me so others can benefit from it as well.

I recently switched to the keto lifestyle after six years of being a very convinced vegan. I gradually started to eat less and less animal products at the time, at first for no apparent reason, later on I became convinced that animal products were simply not good for my health. And for the first few years I felt amazing: I lost weight and kept it off, I had a lot of energy and I felt very ‘fresh’, for lack of a better word.

It felt really good, I also felt like I was doing so much better than other people. But the last couple of years I started to feel not so good: I slept badly, had less energy, my training suffered and I often walked around for days with a very bloated stomach. I also noticed that after eating fruit for example I sometimes got bad stomach aches on top of the bloated feeling.

I never blamed it on my diet, until my personal trainer mentioned he thought I was losing muscle mass. And that scared the hell out of me. We had a good conversation about it and he asked me if I really wanted to stay vegan. Strangely enough, despite six years of veganism, I didn’t even have to think about it for that long: I wanted to be healthy, and apparently I wasn’t anymore while being vegan.

I ended up consulting Sevi on the advice of a friend, I have several friends who also do keto, so the lifestyle wasn’t completely new for me. But I wanted proper guidance, especially because I came from such a different way of eating. I had already set myself up for eating animal products again, I had even started eating eggs prior to the coaching, so it surprised me that Sevi initially indicated that vegan keto was still an option. I considered that for a bit but with vegan keto the question remained if I could properly build up muscle mass so I just went for regular keto.

In six weeks time Sevi helped me to rebuild my health. Remarkably, the bloating was gone after one week, I really didn’t expect that to happen. I also notice that I sleep better and I have a lot more energy for my training.
The daily support and the conversations were exactly what I needed. I have a tendency to want to do everything right from the get go and and that caused me to not take enough time to let my body get used to eating meat and fish. That’s why Sevi’s daily talks were so good, it helped me to understand better that I could AND should take it easy. She also knows a lot, I could already tell at my  intake that she has a lot of experience.

Those six weeks have given me a very good basis to continue keto on my own. I can really recommend keto coaching, not just for specific situations such as mine, but for anyone who wants to do keto properly. And Sevi is the best choice as far as I’m concerned.