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I know how it feels

I know like no other how important health is. In 2013, I unexpectedly fell ill. Leaky Gut syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Raynaud’s phenomenon: these were the diagnoses the doctors presented me with and that was that.

But was my illness really that unexpected? I knew very well that this was not the case. I knew exactly what had happened the years before: an unhealthy diet, chronic sleep deprivation and too much wine.

Sometimes it takes actually falling ill to realise you are doing a lot of harm to your own body.

So what did I do?

I did not throw in the towel.

Did not accept a life of ill health.

But took matters into my own two hands.

I started researching how I could improve my own health. And I soon came across the keto lifestyle. Within six months I became 100% symptom free, simply by adopting a keto lifestyle.

For me, keto is a choice for life.

I want the same thing for YOU

Helping other people achieve their health goals is now MY life goal.

I have been an online keto coach for KetoDiet App and contributor for Keto Vale. And since 2017, I’ve helped hundreds of people in my own keto coaching practice.

Are you fed up with these too?

  • endless dieting without results
  • ever increasing menopausal symptoms
  • having to take more and more medication
  • decreased libido
  • living with stress
  • chronic fatigue
  • eternal hunger

Then start your keto lifestyle now and regain control of your own health.

What I can do for you as your coach

Forget everything you think you know about nutrition: your lifestyle is going to change 100%. And that is not easy. Not only do you need the right information and practical coaching, but emotional support is very important in your first three months.

I will help you avoid the pitfalls.

I support you when you are struggling.

And you will achieve your personal goals.

Sevi Rutgrink

Book a consultation now and find out how I can make a difference for you as your coach.

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Nutrition Network is the educational platform founded by the Noakes Foundation. You can find my listing here.

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  • Treating metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and obesity with therapeutic carbohydrate restriction.

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  • Basic Medical Knowledge HBO | PLATO | CPION | SNRO | SHO


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