Sevi Rutgrink – Keto Coaching


Edit: translated from Dutch

‘Over two years ago I moved from Amsterdam to Brussels for my job and in that time I have simply gained a lot of weight. I have a very demanding and busy job which requires me to travel and network quite a bit. I simply can not skip the many lunches, dinners and after work drinks. The spare time I do have I honestly do not spend on healthy cooking at home and I also fail to schedule in time for exercise.

A close friend suggested I try the keto diet. The first thing I did was look up some information online and I joined a few Facebook groups but to be honest, that did not suit me at all. I just wanted to get the correct information for my personal situation and in those groups the information can be quite confusing, to say the least. There was also just too much going on in those groups, I was at times quite taken aback by how people acted.

Keto coaching with Sevi was just what I was looking for: she could schedule me in quickly and she was available at precisely the times when I needed help or had questions. Her help was also very much to the point. The coach calls via FaceTime were very convenient: no travel needed but the contact we had still felt very personal.

I am doing really well right now, it is not just that I lost the extra weight but I also have a much better balance between work and home when it comes to my eating. This type of keto coaching is absolutely worth its money.’