Sevi Rutgrink – Keto Coaching


Edit: translated from Dutch

‘I have been on the keto diet on and off in the past two years but I never seemed to manage to do this long term. My husband said at one point it felt like I was in a vicious circle: I lost weight quite easily each time but just when my clothes started to fit better I also started eating the foods I really should not be eating. And then of course I would gain all the weight I lost right back, plus some extra. It was frustrating me, I find it is quite hard to lose weight at my age anyway. So this is why my husband suggested to get help.

I had no idea it existed, a keto coach. I quickly found Sevi’s website and I immediately wanted to sign up for 10 weeks of coaching. After talking over the phone Sevi suggested the Restart package: three weeks of coaching for people who are familiar with keto but who need help getting back on track.

One of the things she noticed immediately was that I treated keto mainly as a short term diet, just so I could fit into my clothes again. She suggested thinking more about the benefits of keto for the long term, for my health for instance.

Talking and thinking about this together with Sevi really helped me: I realised I valued the positive changes in my health far less than a smaller size jeans. I have had joint pain for a while now and that disappears when I do keto but it comes back instantly when I stop. My sleep is also a lot better during the periods I follow a keto diet. And that in itself improves my mood considerably. Funnily enough, this was a real eye opener for me.

My motivation to view keto as a lifestyle for the long term is so much greater now. And another bonus is that my husband has also started a keto lifestyle because of all the stories I told him about the keto coaching. And it is so much easier to do this together.

I can recommend Sevi’s coaching to everyone, she gives such a good explanation about the practicalities of keto, lots of interesting background information but more than anything else: she really listens.’