Sevi Rutgrink – Keto Coaching

Stop eating like a child!

Of every 10 women who start with my Keto for Menopause programme, on average half of them indicate on their intake form they eat 1,200 calories or less per day. So why is that?

‘If I eat more I gain weight’ or ‘If I eat more I don’t lose weight’

Let me put this into perspective for you:

  • the energy requirement of a girl aged 4-8 years is 1400 calories
  • that of a girl between 1-3 years is 1000 calories

And here I see adult women eating like a small child. Women with jobs, families, busy social lives, sports, studies, informal care, you name it.

Can you spot the insanity?

I can definitely spot the long-term consequences:

  • hair loss
  • feeling cold
  • too little energy
  • skin issues
  • disturbed sleep
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • bad mood
  • thyroid issues

…and yes, an inability to lose weight. Because ‘I gain weight when I even look at food’. Even if someone is otherwise eating very healthy, or even already doing keto.

It’s called a damaged or down-regulated metabolism.

I should know, by the way, because that’s exactly how it works for me: if I unconsciously eat too little for a long time (too busy, don’t feel like cooking, don’t feel good about myself, etc.) I gain weight. When I start eating enough, I lose weight.

And that brings me straight to the solution, which is to start eating enough, as in:

  • the right amounts to meet your energy needs
  • in the right macro proportions (fats! proteins!)
  • at the right times of the day
  • unprocessed food

The Metabolism Reset.

And that can be quite scary. Because yes, you may initially gain weight. And if you don’t know that this is temporary, you may panic. And then quickly fall back into old habits, thinking ‘told you so!’.

But you won’t get anywhere that way.

If you consider that five out of every ten women struggle with this, chances are you will recognise your own struggles. Would you like t to get started with a proven and, above all, safe method to fix this? Then sign up now for the Keto for Menopause programme and we will get right to it.